An exciting collaboration between the Catherine McEwan Foundation and Creative Patient.

The Catherine McEwan Foundation are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with the incredible Jen Rose (Creative Patient ) author of Me (and IBD) to deliver a range of patient and family focussed education information which will be shared through our social media platforms.

Jen Rose, author of Me (and IBD) said: 

As an IBD patient, and parent of a young person with IBD, creating patient-focussed, engaging, accessible and supportive information has become my passion, and working with the Catherine McEwan Foundation allows me to do this on a much bigger scale. It’s such a privilege to have been invited to join the team – I can’t wait to get started!

Foundation founder Derek McEwan said:

I am delighted that the super talented Jen Rose of Creative Patient fame has joined the Catherine McEwan Foundation family. Jen will be working on much of our patient & family focussed educational information that we deliver through social media as well as collaborating on unique projects and campaigns moving forward. Collaboration within the IBD community can only be of huge benefit to our patients and families and ultimately that is our goal, to benefit, support & educate the IBD community.

Welcome Jen! We are super excited to have you on board!