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We are excited to let you know that a project supported by the Catherine McEwan Foundation in conjunction with the team at SOLUS UK was launched at the World Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease meeting in Barcelona last week.

The Foundation has put together an app to help doctors and other health professionals to assist in amalgamating multiple pieces of information when making a diagnosis of IBD. The app helps by taking all of the information points together and then suggesting a precise IBD diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis or IBD unclassified. The app is called PIBD classes and is free to download for teams all over the world.

The application was presented to more than 500 delegates from more than 20 countries last week by Professor Richard Russell on behalf of the Foundation. Many delegates downloaded the app during the presentation and feedback during and after the world meeting has been very positive.

The app was developed on the background of work published by the Porto group of ESPGHAN. We hope that this together with our previous app will continue to help teams looking after children with IBD within and far beyond the west of Scotland.