Coronavirus and IBD – LIVE Facebook Q&A

Since the start of this year, week by week Coronavirus has had more and more impact on all of our lives. As this has happened, more and more questions about where it came from, how we treat it and what can we do to prevent it have emerged. The Catherine McEwan Foundation has had a massive number of questions from lots of supporters on this topic, more than ever before.

The impact of Coronavirus has been especially difficult for patients with chronic disease including IBD. Questions about taking treatments, attending hospital and who needs special measures are all really important questions. With so much information in the news and on social media it can be hard to get your questions answered and know that the answers you get are correct.

To help, the Foundation have brought together two IBD doctors to take part in a question and answer session to answer questions about Coronavirus and IBD. Professor Richard Russell (Sick Childrens Hospital Edinburgh) will host a Q&A for parents and children with IBD while Dr Daniel Gaya (Glasgow Royal Infirmary) will do the same for adults with IBD.

While we may not be able to provide all of the answers, the Foundation will work with you to do it’s best to answer the questions that you have and will be able to share new information as it comes out to help you understand this very important problem in more detail.

Adult IBD Q&A with Doctor Daniel Gaya
Wednesday 1st April 7pm

Paediatric IBD Q&A with Professor Richard Russell
Thursday 2nd April 7pm