Raising standards in IBD care and treatment begins with the expertise of clinicians. So, we’re committed to supporting IBD healthcare professionals at every level to develop their knowledge. 

“A decade of increasing support from the foundation has allowed us to transform the care we provide for children and families with IBD. I am proud to say we offer a world-class service in IBD care that would not be possible without the breadth and depth of support we receive from the foundation.” Professor Richard Russell, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist at The Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow

Staying up to date with the latest advances

We enable clinicians to take part in education events to learn about the latest advances in IBD globally and allow them to discuss, and advance, developments with their peers. Often, this is only made possible with funding from the foundation. 

Implementing best practice

New knowledge is taken back to teams, and the latest developments are implemented in clinical practice to give patients access to the most up to date treatment.

Sharing our expertise worldwide

We also provide opportunities for healthcare professionals from across the world to visit Glasgow Children’s Hospital, observe best practice in action within the IBD unit and take it back to their patients. To date, we’ve welcomed clinicians from Europe and as far afield as Canada and Australia.

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In the spirit of positivity and raising money with a smile. We do sponsored runs, walks, parachute jumps and a host of events all in the name of fundraising.

If you want to get involved – by volunteering, fundraising or donating, we wholeheartedly welcome your support and would love to hear from you!