The last month has been super busy! I was in London to cheer on my dad, Derek and Dean at the London Marathon which was one of their warm up events for the big Arch2Arc challenge! This was really fun and I am so proud of the 3 of them.

Once we got back from London, it was the Young Scot Awards! Winning the health award and Young Scot of the Year was really unexpected! I had a brilliant night & I loved hearing the finalist’s stories and getting to meet some of them.  The next day I was at another awards ceremony for an achievement award my school nominated me for! These awards really help to raise awareness of my charities and IBD which is the most important thing.

My recent blood results showed that I’m low on iron and I’m on tablets for 3 months. Being fatigued all the time is quite of a struggle but I’ve still managed to make school and keeping myself busy. The tablets have been giving me a sore tummy but I’m just looking forward to getting my energy back!

As you may know, May is IBD Awareness Month and I have lots of stuff throughout the month planned. I am selling purple candles, after a meeting with the lovely Aileen and Lorraine they were very kindly donated by IKEA Glasgow. My local church is lighting up purple again all next week and on World IBD Day Thursday 19th May my school year group are replicating the Arch 2 Arc challenge, I am also talking at the Stewartfield Farm my local pub that night and I have Morgan Stanley and Morrisons in Stewartfield having a dress down day for me!

I am also now friends with a girl called Amelia who also has Ulcerative Colitis and has just recently had her large bowel removed too. She is doing really well and she is speaking about her story at Tea Jenny this year! She was at my house yesterday helping making up some purple candles!

Thank you as always for all of your support, I really appreciate everyone who helps me with my fundraising and awareness. It means so much to me.

Jenny x