Catherine McEwan Foundation Donation a Further £15,000 to Continue the Delivery of CD-TREAT

We are delighted to donate a further £15,000 to continue the delivery of the ground-breaking ‘CD-TREAT’ diet for children living with Crohn’s Disease.
Children on this special diet can eat solid foods, which makes their treatment easier to follow and do not have to rely on feeding a liquid-only diet with tubes inserted in the stomach .
In partnership with our friends at Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, a dedicated team of volunteer drivers deliver the CD-TREAT meals to children who participate in our studies across the UK each week, sometimes travelling as far as London and Essex.
Volunteers also transfer blood, urine, and stool samples back to our laboratories at the University of Glasgow on their journeys. These are then analysed as part of the intensive Post Exclusive Enteral Nutrition Study, or iPENS, helping to evaluate the effectiveness of CD-TREAT diet in the management of Crohn’s disease.
We are extremely proud to continue our support of this incredible project as well as our partnership & Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity the University of Glasgow.