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We are excited to announce news about how further funding from the Catherine McEwan Foundation is being planned to continue support for the research ongoing in Glasgow. The posts previously supported by funding are Lisa Richmond, IBD research nurse and Mhairi McGowan, who was awarded the first Catherine McEwan fellowship. There will be upcoming blogs from both Lisa and Mhairi to let you know in more detail exactly what they have been up to.

We are now planning the appointment of BOTH a research dietician and a Second Catherine McEwan fellowship to support the ongoing work we are doing on dietary treatments of IBD. We have now successfully completed our work with our new “CD treat” diet in healthy volunteers. When these new team members are on board the next stage will be then giving the “CD treat” diet to a small group of children and adults with Crohn’s disease. This is an exciting and big step forward for the team. We will of course let you know once these appointments have been made.

Thank you as always to everyone for their continued ongoing support. Our work would not be possible without you.