Gut feelings: helping the fight against IBD

In support of those suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in Scotland, Glasgow Live recently ran a few features on its website to raise awareness of this life-changing condition. 

The website featured a few articles on those suffering from Crohn’s or Colitis, in addition to an article on Vicki from Glasgow, a Paediatric & Inflammatory Bowel Disease Specialist Nurse. Glasgow Live also ran an interview with Kostas, a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Nutrition who is based between Glasgow University’s School of Medicine and the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Kostas talks about the challenges he and his colleagues face as they try to understand how a diet interacts with gut bacteria in people with Crohn’s Disease and how it affects gut bacteria, which may play an important role in the onset of Crohn’s disease.

Kostas: “The Catherine McEwan Foundation has been very important to our research, in enabling us to understand how the diet reacts with the gut bacteria in patients with Crohn’s disease. Through their fundraising they have been able to give us money to purchase equipment, that allows us to study how the diet interacts with the gut bacteria and how the fibre we’ve consumed is broken down into bacterial molecules which is very important for gut health. The Catherine McEwan Foundation has also provided a significant amount of funding to employ a research fellow to study how the new diet can improve the outcomes for patients with active Crohn’s disease.”

The work of Kostas and other scientists and researchers is invaluable in the fight against IBD and as always, we encourage you to read the full story here.

Thank you once more to Glasgow Live in their amazing support of the Catherine McEwan Foundation as we try to enrich the lives of young people and adults who are living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Scotland.