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Meet Avril, Our IBD Mental Health Support Therapist!

Meet Avril, Our IBD Mental Health Support Therapist!

World Mental Health Day seems like the perfect time to introduce you all to the amazing Avril, our IBD Mental Health Support Therapist.

Avril has over 22 years of mental health nursing experience, and has also studied CBT, mindfulness, transactional analysis, life coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP. Her invaluable skills and expertise allow her to put together tailored plans for our Crohn’s and Colitis patients to help them battle with the demands that their condition puts on their their mental health and face the challenges ahead. 

Avril is passionate about making a difference in the IBD community as she knows first hand of the nature of Crohn’s & Colitis through her son George who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 13. We are so proud to have Avril onboard and to be able to offer this much needed service.

If you are an IBD patient and you feel like you would benefit from our IBD Mental Health Support Service you can find out more and apply at >