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PIBD 2022 Patient and Family Education Day

PIBD 2022 Patient and Family Education Day

Saturday 10 September
Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Learn more about paediatric inflammatory bowel disease (PIBD). This event is a once in a lifetime chance to listen to and speak with global PIBD experts.

Children and young people with IBD and their families are warmly invited to attend the ‘PIBD 2022 Patient and Family Education Day’, a free event (including lunch, and refreshments) being held during the global PIBD 2022 Symposium at Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).

This is an amazing opportunity for children and young people and their families living with IBD to share experiences, connect and find support from others who are in a similar position and who understand what they are going through. Given the unique global nature of our PIBD 2022 symposium we will have a mixture of Scottish, UK and international PIBD experts such as Professor Anne Griffiths from Toronto and Professor Marla Dubinsky from New York at this event. All these experts will be available for informal discussions as well as giving cutting-edge updates. Come to hear about and discuss vital topics including managing the disease, optimising current treatments, new treatments, the many aspects of living with the disease (including coping with pain and the psychological burdens of PIBD), and the latest IBD research.

The Foundation are honoured to be part of this groundbreaking  event and we would love to to see some of The Catherine McEwan Foundation Family in attendance.

For further information and to view the event programme or register for the event, please see the Eventbrite listing at > https://bit.ly/PIBD2022